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mxDataSo what do we do?

Mobile Apps

Apps have become part of our daily lives and here at mxData they are part of our working lives too! From playing games, staying in touch with friends to monitoring our health, there really is an app for just about anything.

Here at mxData we love all things travel and transport. The apps we develop focus on getting you from A to B and of course C to Z!

We're not new to developing mobile apps, in fact we've been writing them since 2003. Our claim to fame is creating one of the first commercially successful apps, helping us to build the company you see today.

Local Search

The app you see is just the tip of the iceberg. What lies below the surface is the key driving force. Behind our great apps is our powerful Local Discovery Platform, GeoHawk. GeoHawk is a pioneer in delivering geographically relevant data to people on the go.

As we continue to grow and develop our technologies we deliver some of the most used apps and services in the world today. Take our TubeMap app for example. Today it celebrates over 11 million downloads, making it the number one most downloaded tube app ever. A statement we are very proud of.

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